Testimonials for Sonya Davis, Realtor

Dear Mrs. Davis:
     The real estate dealings that you have handled for us over the past few years have been exemplary, especially when compared to other Realtors that we have used prior to meeting you. In too many instances, the agents merely did a slipshod job because they were more interested in getting their commission as quickly as possible enabling them to move on to another customer. You have been the first one to sit down and explain in terms that we could understand the mechanics involved in completing a transaction. When you were finished, we had a sense of satisfaction and absolute trust in your abilities. Be assured that when any of our friends need a Real Estate Agent, we definitely will recommend you. It has been an absolute pleasure having you guide us through the process of selling/buying property, where before, it was a frustrating experience.
     Keep up the good work, and I'm certain we'll be doing business with you in the future.
        Robert G. Kay 

Sonya Davis has sold 3 houses and 3 lots for us over the last few years and each time

she sold them quickly and kept us well informed on each one. Closing's were completed
with out a problem.

She is professional and considerate of our protection and needs.

We consider her a friend, and would call her when we have property to sell.

Burgess and Rose Stone

  • 05/07/2014

    Sonya has what everyone wishes their previous Realtor's had possessed; professionalism, expertise, diplomacy and a level of energy rarely seen today in the marketplace. She is highly recommended by me and my associates. 
    Robert G. Kay (Author)

  • Mr Mcilwain

    Sonya went out of her way to find the home my mother wanted . We were extremely pleased.
    Mr Mcilwain

  • James Willoughby

    Sonya was a blessing when I found her. She gave us all her energy and always kept us aware of what was going on. I highly recommend Sonya to anyone buying or selling real estate. My only regret, is that I didn't find Sonya sooner.… 
    James Willoughby

  • Mr. Stone

    Also sold a lot for us in White Cedar Garden. Sonya always goes above and beyond in effort to sell and help get the best price. I will continue to call on her in the future 
    Burgess Stone

  • Whiley

    Sonya was such a pleasure to meet the first time. I truly felt comfortable letting her sell my house. She was so knowledgeable about the process and was a "go getter" when it came to putting my house "out there" where it could be seen. We have an offer pending, so I can see the results of her efforts. 
    I would not hesitate to use her again, should the need arise.

  • Paul

    Sonya is a tireless advocate for her clients. Her experience in this market helps her make the best results at closing. She saved us a couple thousand dollars by shifting final closing costs from us to the seller. Call her first if you are looking to buy a home

  • Isa Brewton

    Sonya is professional, goal oriented, efficient and nice.
    Isa Brewton

  • Vaughn

    Very attentive and thoughtful for your property. She will make the best for the market and will work with you.